For Dinc & Katie: On your wedding day

One of the great honours in my life is to be able to write poems for my friends when they get wed. I wrote this for the wonderful Katie, a friend for nearly 20 years, and her beloved beau Dinc and read it to them at their wedding last week.

This is the poem... 

Love is a verb and marriage is a practice

But it’s impulse lies elsewhere

In the feel of the others arms or the smell of their hair

It is not what you thought it would be

It is not the rom com on TV

Or the script you wrote in advance 

You happn’d upon it

A mix of choice, electricity, timing, chance

And it has to be really, when two worlds collide

One of the groom and one of the bride 

Until you see them walking side by side

And you know that each is with their tribe

But it is as it has always has been; 

That it takes another for us to feel seen

In all the ways we are, and all the ways we are not

To remind of us loving selves, in case we forgot 

How our hearts work and what our souls yearn for 

To feel the light of another that leads us to more

And there’s magic in it too;

That you found them and they found you

With your openness and courage to share

All the stories and confidences that bind you as a pair 

And you feel it, in the giving of love in all the strong and quiet ways

Shown on the ordinary and not just the special days 

In the joy that they bring and the strength of your shared vision 

Which makes marriage your obvious conclusion and the very best decision 

So today lets us celebrate, be witnesses to something new just begun

This commitment to take hands and journey together as one.

Clair Whitefield