For G&T

This is the poem that I wrote for and then read at Gemma and Trevor’s wedding.

For G&T on their Wedding Day

The first night you met

The stars where not set

Nothing did align 

So you had to meet for a second time

To make yourselves known

For the flint to strike the stone 

For the leaping, crackle to twinkle in her eye 

The glint that meant Gem had met her guy 

From Gypsy hill to Marylebone 

Love was shown

And in the snow and rain

In Grande Bornand

Gem asked Trev to her hand 

And so we celebrate this medley

Of G and T 

An actuary and anthropologist, 

an activist and artist, 

an Oxford high schooler and a So-tea soul searcher. 

A yogi and textile pattern maker, 

Two deep thinking feminists,

A doctor and a Mr 

So what can we teach you on the art of loving each other well

You have smarts and heart, 

You’ll work it out 

But if you’re ever in doubt...

There never has been any good advice. Each marriage is unique.

So the best advice is, don't listen to advice. Find your own mojo! Make your own rules! 

And welcome to an endless sleep over with your favourite wierdo


Adventure together - no matter how big or small the adventure may be.

Put a problem out in front of you, not between you.

Remember that feeling when you first fell in love 

Keep laughing 



Never go to bed angry

Or to sleep without a kiss


Never have more than three cushions on the marital bed.


With issues.Don't ignore them.

Don't assume she's listening 

Don't go to bed on an empty stomach!


Give each other space

Give your best to each other each and every day.

And Give in. Occasionally


Be as spontaneous as you can as often as you can

Be kind 

Be honest with each other even when you are ashamed.  

Nourish your dreams and desires

Nurture your individual and shared passions

Retain your own Joy and blossom in your shared Joys too

Hold hands and face the world together

Keep communicating

Learn the wisdom of small compromises

Think twice, speak once.

And split decision making 

Enjoy each other 

Enjoy making it up as you go along.

And enjoy the journey 


I could go on and on 

But instead please, raise your glasses:

I give you Mr and Mrs John.

Clair Whitefield