Poetry Writing Workshops

My workshops focus on both writing and performance skills. They're packed full of tips, exercises and prompts and everyone leaves with new poems under their belts, and a series of first drafts to be tinkered with and polished. 

Great things can happen when the pressure's off and you can play with words: creative blocks can thaw, new poems can emerge and even sharing your work can feel less daunting when you're surrounded by a group of fellow poets.  

Below is feedback from people that have participated in workshops that I've run...

"Fun, relaxed, exciting and entertaining. Kickstarted my frozen creative gears."

"Great session. Some of us are still in the pub talking about it!"

"Lovely, inspired and interesting!"

"This class has brought so many wonderful people together into one activity-packed classroom, and Clair is a great tutor!"

"Clair was very engaging and supportive and the writing exercises were helpful and well thought through."

" I gained some great new skills for developing characters."


 If you'd like to talk to me about running a poetry workshop, then do get in touch at clair@clairwhitefield.com