For my friends

Every year for my birthday I poly-party. That’s a verbose way of saying I celebrate my birthday multiple times. This year was a big birthday and it’s called for a lot of parties and a lot of birthday cake. It’s been a fun few months of making merry with the people who mean the most to me. I wrote this for them.

For My Friends

There was that time when we were so drunk remember: 

Drunk and laughing and being our silly,amazing selves

And I thought, I bloody love you.

You were luminous, a flash of the universe expressing itself,

Distilled and dancing in front of me

Because you are the party starters, the fairies in disguise  

The rollie makers with mischief in their eyes

The stylists, the advisors

The smartest, the wisest 

The confidantes, the bell ringers, 

The worst singers 

You are the joy bringers, trailing balloons and booze 

Sharing lipstick in the loos

Sitting round the table sharing your light

Drinking whisky each and every Burns Night 

And god know your words and love have been a balm 

for all kinds of harm 

Been pillars when I don’t have enough strength

Life rafts when I can’t swim another length

Golden rays in dark hours

Lifting me out the rubble with your super powers

I write this crying happy tears

Grateful to have known you all these years

I hold you close and thank you for everything you did, and continue to do 

And I hope that in someway, some how I have done the same for you 

Clair Whitefield