Ode to Eamonn Holmes - International Poetry Day

I was invite on to Eamonn Holmes, drive time show on Talk Radio on Thursday to do a poem for International Poetry Day. I had very little notice but cribbed the below from his Wiki page. Such a nice man and he loved his paean.

Ode to Eamonn

From Sky News Sunrise to GMTV

You liven up our mornings while we drink our tea

And since we saw you on Good Morning Britain

We’ve loved your Norn Iron charm and were smitten

Broadcaster, anchor, writer, other half to Ruth

You’ve got a nose for a story and go after the truth 

Showing us how The Other Half Lives and getting stealthy

Peering into the homes of the rich and wealthy

And giving us all FOMO

Looking for George on Lake Como

Oh Mr Holmes, even though you were dropped from Who do you think you are?

To millions of viewers you will always be a star

The brightest of branches on your family tree

The much loved face of breakfast tv

Now filling the airwaves not just the settee. 

Clair Whitefield