Untitled- Poem for the Royal Wedding



Move aside Will and Kate.

We’ve another couple to celebrate. 

Royalty and Celebrity, this is how it’s meant to be.

Walking down the aisle, cheering up Blighty with her Hollywood sparkle,

Harry you knocked it out the park, you’re marrying Megan Markle.

And Meg, you did it, the fairy tale came true

You got your Prince and he got you.


Public school girls are weeping, from Wycombe Abbey to Cheltenham Ladies.

It’s Meg who’ll have the Party Prince’s babies

It’s her, who tamed the rebellious royal red head

The lad who gave the House of Windsor street cred,

Who bared his Crown Jewels on the Vegas strip,

And learned how to give the Paparazzi lip.


We love you HRH Henry of Wales,

Even more for going off the rails.

But no one called you any more names 

After you went an invented the Invictus Games 

You philanthropist, Captain, Knight, 

You inherited your Mum’s nous for knowing what’s right.


But finding love is hard, harder still when your every date makes headlines

And yours is the relationship on which the media spotlight shines.

And today you take your vows in front of friends and family sitting in pews

That’s then relayed becoming global news.

And I wonder how you managed in your early days of dating 

With Camera crews waiting for a scoop

Gossip journalists wanting to be kept in the loop

Raking over your early conquests and her family 

To create a rolling commentary 

About something sacred which was yours and yours alone.

And I know I’d take true love over ascending the throne.


I tell you this, you’ve done your mum proud 

I’ve seen you, how you work a crowd

Your smile, your warmth, you make people feel at ease.

You’ve not inherited your Grandpa’s foot in mouth disease.

And you're even helping your Nan plant trees.

But now you get to do it all with someone by your side 

Your friend, lover, partner, bride. 


So Shut the world out today, let it collapse to the hand that you hold and the mouth that you kiss.

A new era is beginning and it starts with this.

So let the media circus roll but pay no heed 

Good luck and God speed.

You’re exactly the kind of Royal couple we need.